Certified Integrative Health Coach

Deb Dutcher, Health Coach

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She knows what it is to be in a high-pressure job, working long hours, commuting, juggling family and business. It takes a lot to keep healthy with all that going on. Deb spent 20+ years in a high-tech management role, and lost her health in the process.  She has spent the past 13 years helping other stressed and overweight executives and entrepreneurs struggling with health issues to recover.

Deb has worked successfully with engineers, financial teams, design teams, realtors

  • Company wellness activities for exercise and healthy-habits
  • Stay Healthy on the Job newsletter – monthly with input from company execs and employees
  • Quarterly Health Fairs with a variety of vendors and services

The Payback?

Happy healthy employees who can get more done and have less down-time. – Priceless!​

What Her Clients are Saying:

Schneider-Electric:  "The seminars really helped push our staff into being more healthy. Most of them wanted to but

didn't know where to start. They couldn't find someone who would help without pushing a bunch of "sales" into the equation. They couldn't find someone that could relate to where they work and how difficult it may be to stay healthy

while sitting most of the day. I feel you even went an extra step to stay after the seminar and reach out to people. They

felt comfortable to talk to you about their personal health issues. That's saying a lot for engineers. They tend to keep to themselves. I really believe you have helped us.   Everyone here looks forward to the next seminar each time you leave."


  • Nutrition Education for employees (Nutrition Seminars and Workshops with food demos)
  • Baseline Health Assessment for every employee – weight, body-fat percentage, problem areas
  • Individualized recommendations for fitness and diet

and educators – people in all types of careers --  to help them integrate more healthful practices into their day.  She has tips and tricks that streamline staying healthy, and proven programs that will help them recover their health.

Deb can bring in a Health Fair, provide nutrition talks and food-prep demos, and host a variety of workshops.  She tailors every presentation to the group and their specific needs.  For engineers, she has a talk entitled:  “Your Body as the Most Specialized Computer – Keep it Running Strong”.   This helps engineers and computer-types understand a key concept – Garbage In, Garbage Stays!

Let Deb get your team Happy, Healthy and Strong so they can be more productive on the job and at home.

Corporate Wellness Consultant