And Then, Let's Fix it!  Permanently!

Stages of the Mad Body: (per Deb Dutcher)

Stage 1 = Upset:  Restless, not sleeping well, putting on or losing 5 to 20 lbs; constipated or bloated, joint stiffness​

Stage 2 = Angry:  Disrupted sleep, fuzzy thinking, lack of energy, 25 to 40 lbs overweight; food allergies; pre-diabetic; blood pressure issues; cholesterol issues; arthritis

Stage 3 = Open Revolt:  High blood pressure, high cholesterol, no energy; 45+ lbs over; medication; doctor’s care; debilitating pain or illness

Now, Ask Yourself:

  • What stage is your body and how long has it been there?
  • What set it off and what will fix it?
  • Where do you start?
  • What will happen if you don’t take action now? 


Identify what is making your body mad and put together a plan to get it “happy” again. 


  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • More focus
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce dependence on meds
  • Reduce cravings
  • Improve digestion and elimination
  • Stop or reverse holiday weight-gain
  • Save money and eat healthier
  • Enjoy life
  • Set a good example for your kids and grandkids

  • Decide you want to change (Attitude and Commitment is everything)
  • Complete a Health History (I will email this to you)
  • Send it to me and book a complimentary one-hour breakthrough session
  • Listen to my recommendations and sign-up for the ongoing coaching
  • Stick to it for a minimum of 90 days and I promise you will be Sexier, Leaner and Stronger at the end
  • Re-up for another 90 days if you have Big Goals or are in Stage 3, Mad Body

So, let’s talk!  Just send me an email at:  deb@energyunlimited.biz and we can get your body back to Happy, Sexy, Lean and Strong!

IS YOUR BODY MAD AT YOU?   Let Me Help You Find Out

I have been doing this for over thirteen years, have hundreds of happy clients and have been trained at multiple institutions for nutrition and wellness coaches.  I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach, through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I specialize in helping stressed and overweight executives and entrepreneurs, dealing with health issues caused by making themselves last priority for too long.


It depends on the stage your body is in – a Stage I body will respond in days; Stage 2 in weeks and Stage 3 weeks to months.


I help your body return to its natural healthy state by taking into consideration your personal history, genes, culture, environment, habits, lifestyle and goals.  I do not use a cookie-cutter approach for anyone.  Everyone is addressed as an individual.


I determine the body’s needs and how “mad” it is; then find ways to calm it down and allow it to recover.

What I Do For You

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Deb Dutcher, Health Coach

Call:    (650) 400-2612

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